Strategic Development

Strategy Development for Duplex is in creating the art of the possible. Our work encompasses working alongside our clients’ management to help stretch and sharpen their ambition but which are grounded firmly in the realities of the marketplace, the capabilities of their organisation and the goals of their stakeholders. Our Strategic Development delivers genuine measurable business improvement to clients right across their respective sector expertise.

Our reputation is in providing knowledge and expertise to address our clients’ strategic challenges whilst helping them take the practical steps to execute their strategies effectively. The range of challenges we support our clients with is diverse, but our engagements have some common characteristics. For example:

  • We help clients clarify the nature of the opportunity or issue, frequently working to provide the structure to what is sometimes the unstructured 
  • We support clients in making the right strategic development choices 
  • Crucially, we work with clients to develop activity based solutions 
  • Our work ensures the client is to focus, compete and grow their business