Ideas | From Concept To Delivery

Duplex at its heart is an ideas based creative force characterized by one of its founding directors being a strong “Plant” in the “Belbin Team Roles” diagnostic, in which he is defined by his ability to be highly creative and a problem solver in unconventional entrepreneurial ways.

Ideas based solutions are very prevalent in all our business interactions with customers and is typically the reason we are first engaged upon. The approach to business ideas is one which has a strong technology bias and embraces the big thoughts and pictures to succeed. Whether the ideas are business concepts through to business outputs Duplex's ability to create and define the key thoughts including roadblocks to overcome are at its heart and instinct.

The ideas based DNA of the business is ably complemented by strong Resource Investigators, Completer Finishers, Influences and Shapers vital to ensure such creativity is translated into activity based measurable solutions for a diverse client portfolio.