Duplex are active investors in the B2B SME market of between 500k and 5m turnover businesses.

Our many years of acquisitional experience will enable us to reengineer the finances of your business solving cash flow and cash requirement issues. We also ensure, that in completing an investment, the company will not grind to a halt in the due diligence process and will not be encumbered with legal fee’s as our process of investment is clean, clear and without the typical legalese that an SME owner without a law degree would have a headache from reviewing the appropriate documentation.

We as part of the investment will support the company through its correct structuring, with the sector and business deliverables being achieved through an agreed package of support that we offer as part of our investment. We fully respect all the blood, sweat and tears the business owner has put into creating and/or building the business and our typical approach is to add our package of support around the retained knowledge and expertise of the business owner.