exit strategies

Particularly in the SME market the business owner is seen as the business and so when the business owner seeks retirement, refocusing their personal interests or just cashing out on their hard work they are in the difficult position of trying to drive a high net realisable value for a business that will be at risk post the acquisition through the owners exit. An acquirer understands this and it is either a barrier to entry for them or the distance between valuations is insurmountable given the inherent risk post acquisition.

Duplex works with business owners to overcome these "deal breakers" and to prepare the business for sale. We work hard to set a strategic timeline to improve the enterprise value to maximize the exit value. Our work also encompasses the required evaluation of the management team in place in order to maximize the net realizable value and subsequent earn out and in some situations we propose the correct management professionals required to execute the exit strategy. We have a proven mechanism for identifying the selection of the investment professionals required to market and facilitate the business exit transaction. We are very careful to implement our timelines according to the business owner’s time horizon particularly as the majority of business exit’s are not successful initially from a staff impact perspective.